Why the League Cup is still an important competition

I’ll make this a short one!

It’s almost shameful how some clubs treat this cup, teams playing in barely half full stadiums, extremely weakened teams. In some ways it’s led to entertaining tournaments eg when Bradford reached the final a couple years back, I know this may not have happened had teams played with their strongest line up but it was more the spirit and character they played with that made it so entertaining to me.

I don’t know how any team can say they don’t want to play in one of the most famous (if not the most famous) grounds in world football with a chance to win a trophy and European football. I feel it is insulting to the fans when clubs don’t try, I for one would give anything to see my club (southampton) win a major cup final (closest I’ve got is seeing us lose to arsenal at the millennium stadium) and I know fans of most clubs feel the same.

This cup can be the breeding ground for success, it can be the extra incentive after experiencing a packed our Wembley! So to me the League cup is still very relevant and special for many reasons namely the ones I’ve stated already, I would give anything to see Southampton play and win a major tournament.



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