Why you need to watch True Detective

After a second season of True Detective has been confirmed I thought I should write something up and urge you to check out the first season!

This isn’t a review, just a big fat recommendation!


True Detective ticked so many boxes that nothing else has even came close to being on this level, I can’t even describe this show in words maybe a comparison but to me that won’t be doing it justice… The closest comparison I can make is a cross between Breaking Bad & Sons of Anarchy.

There’s so much depth to this show that brings out lots of different emotions, from anger to happiness but suddenly hits you with a massive slap of sadness (won’t say too much). Then there’s the actors, Woody Harrelson & Matthew McConaughey, both great actors prior to this but after it takes them to new levels, especially Rust (McConaughey’s character)

Some people say the finale lets the series down but it just left me wanting more! I found that it’s the type of show that you need to give a few episodes, and when it gets into its stride it’ll blow you away! There’s one episode in particular that took television to another place (the one with lots of guns, motorbikes & violence… You’ll know the one when you see it).

Wow just wow is all i will say and I insist you go watch it…now, and if you say to me after you didn’t enjoy it one bit, I will be amazed!


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