2016 the end of the beard…? Course not! 

I’ve read in recent weeks that 2016 will be the end of the beard, if you’re reading media publications and taking what they say as gospel then enjoy following the next “fad”. This story came about after some historian has decided to run a three year research project on the beard and its cultural history, again I’m not sure how that can determine the downfall of the beard…. If you want to grow a beard, then do it. 

This is my first post in a long time, I really should blog more. In the coming weeks I’ll be looking at everything beard and male lifestyle again, think I might look at some tips for beard growers who aren’t 100% happy with what they can grow whether that’s a patchy beard or face fluff. 

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now. Expect a proper post in the coming days. 


My top 5 albums

5 – The Libertines – The Libertines – One of my favourite British bands. This album is full of dirty distorted tracks but it just works, starting with the energetic opening track ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and ending with one of those types of songs you can’t help but belt out “What Became of the Likely Lads” – they are great live as well, probably the best gig i have been to is the Hyde park show they did this summer. If you check out any album of theirs make sure its “The Libertines”, it really is a great album.

Favourite track – Music When the Lights Go Out

4 – Arcane Roots – Left Fire – Arcane Roots are the newest band on the list, but this album went straight into my top albums from the first time i heard it! It contains some pretty heavy riffs and an experimental sound along with some belting vocals. A lot of people wont know this band so i urge you to go check them out, you wont be disappointed if you like alternative prog rock.

Favourite track – Habibity

3 – The Doors – Strange Days – This to me is The Doors defining album. This is their second album, returning with a darker sound compared to their first album “The Doors”. To me this albums beautiful yet twisted sound made The Doors into the band that changed music forever.

Favourite track – People Are Strange

2 – Biffy Clyro – Puzzle – Probably my favourite band! This album amazes me every time i listen to it, from the amazing orchestral sections to the amazing vocals. The opening track (Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies) is explosive and really sets the tone of the album. This really is neck and neck with my favourite album.

Favourite track – Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

1 – Nirvana – In Utero – This is easily Nirvana’s most raw material. There’s something about this album that just blows everything else away and I’m not entirely sure what! From the raw sound to the unnerving lyrics. This album is Musical Art at its finest, they went away from the somewhat polished sound of “Nevermind” and really stripped it back for this!

Favourite track – Dumb