The Shop of the Future – The Dandy Lab

I stumbled across a new concept of pop-up store today whilst browsing Twitter today, it’s currently on a kickstart campaign and looks great!

Above is a video from the people at The Dandy Lab explaining what its all about

A few days ago, The Dandy Lab launched their Kickstarter campaign to transform their physical retail space into a store of the future. The project is revolutionising retailing with hyper-personalised, immersive shopping experiences, so that customers can discover, learn, shop and share in an environment tailored just for them.

Retail is being reinvented by the unstoppable rise of the internet. The Dandy Lab is the first-ever interactive lifestyle emporium where fashion collides with technology to tailor the shopping experience around a customer’s personal interests. The pop up concept store will launch later this year and open for six- months, following a Kickstarter campaign offering the style-conscious man a unique chance to be involved in the project and receive exclusive rewards.

I’ve taken the following directly from their kickstarter site and if reading this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will!

These are our four main pillars that we have developed to bring you one of the most exciting concept stores to have landed in the UK:

Discover: The store will talk to you, helping you to discover new brands and products using an in-store interactive window, displays and magic mirrors.

Learn: A series of presentations delivered by the UK’s artisans will help you to understand a product’s life from workshop to wardrobe.

Shop: We will be stocking over 40 British brands ranging from established designers to emerging independents.

Share: Share your experience using the store’s interactive social corner and finish the day off with a well earned English brew.

“The Dandy Lab” really could change up shopping and I for one think that’s a great thing! Technology certainly is the way forward. The store is set for a launch during December this year in central London featuring more than 40 brands ranging from menswear, footwear to grooming and lifestyle accessories.

What I believe will make it so great is the fact that it will involve a lot of local craftsmen and deliver a new unique shopping experience.

Over the coming weeks I will certainly be keeping an eye on the progress of this project. You can follow them and find out more below…

Website –

Twitter – @thedandylab

You can find the Kickstarter site here –


My top 5 albums

5 – The Libertines – The Libertines – One of my favourite British bands. This album is full of dirty distorted tracks but it just works, starting with the energetic opening track ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and ending with one of those types of songs you can’t help but belt out “What Became of the Likely Lads” – they are great live as well, probably the best gig i have been to is the Hyde park show they did this summer. If you check out any album of theirs make sure its “The Libertines”, it really is a great album.

Favourite track – Music When the Lights Go Out

4 – Arcane Roots – Left Fire – Arcane Roots are the newest band on the list, but this album went straight into my top albums from the first time i heard it! It contains some pretty heavy riffs and an experimental sound along with some belting vocals. A lot of people wont know this band so i urge you to go check them out, you wont be disappointed if you like alternative prog rock.

Favourite track – Habibity

3 – The Doors – Strange Days – This to me is The Doors defining album. This is their second album, returning with a darker sound compared to their first album “The Doors”. To me this albums beautiful yet twisted sound made The Doors into the band that changed music forever.

Favourite track – People Are Strange

2 – Biffy Clyro – Puzzle – Probably my favourite band! This album amazes me every time i listen to it, from the amazing orchestral sections to the amazing vocals. The opening track (Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies) is explosive and really sets the tone of the album. This really is neck and neck with my favourite album.

Favourite track – Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

1 – Nirvana – In Utero – This is easily Nirvana’s most raw material. There’s something about this album that just blows everything else away and I’m not entirely sure what! From the raw sound to the unnerving lyrics. This album is Musical Art at its finest, they went away from the somewhat polished sound of “Nevermind” and really stripped it back for this!

Favourite track – Dumb

Wardrobe essentials for the alternative gent

This is my first proper male fashion post, I won’t be looking at the type you may see on a cat walk or the latest must have thing because a celeb has worn it. I’ll be looking at the alternative style and what you really should own, this blog is going to be about the wardrobe basics you can wear with anything. My style is a mix between the modern gent mixed with alternative grunge.

All of the clothing I will be writing about is available from shops such as Topman, Burton, Asos… This is all affordable stuff that looks great!

1 – Simple canvas plimsol – Converse are a safe bet, they really are a great shoe… They look awesome and last for ages.

2 – Brogues – Everyone must own a pair of brogues… Every gent needs a smart shoe in his wardrobe, you can wear them with a white button down shirt, blazer and jeans for a smarter look or be a bit more casual with them and go with the no sock, rolled up/cropped Jean look with a white tee and check shirt.

3 – Jeans – I wear nothing but a skinny cut when it comes to jeans (you really don’t have to have a slender figure to rock the skinny jean look… I’m far from skinny, but I knew this style is the one for me and many others), I insist you also give them a go if you don’t already! Your best bet is to go with a stretch skinny which you can find in Topman, you should go with a blue and black colour (I prefer a more washed, distressed look Jean) so you can wear them with everything in your wardrobe.

4 – Chino trousers – I rarely wear chinos but still own them for peace of mind, I know that if I need a versatile trouser that will go with anything whether it’s for work or going out I can rely on them.

5 – A good quality plain short sleeve tee – This is something that’s obvious, you can wear this on its own or as a base for your outfit. Again you’re best to grab two, one blue and one white.

6 – The Check shirt – To me along with jeans and converse this is my other no.1! You can’t go wrong with an outfit made up of converse, skinny jeans and a check shirt!

7 – White button down shirt – You can team a white shirt with a blazer for the smarter look maybe going into town for drinks with your mates or taking someone on a date, it’s just that something that you can fall back on when no other outfits are working for you. I’d recommend a Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt.

8 – Cable knit jumper – Who doesn’t look good in a cable knit? This is that something that will keep you warm and looking great during the colder months, and can be worn casually or again if you want to look a bit smarter.

9 – Shawl cardi – This is something I would only get from Topman, they do a slightly oversize cardi in a few different colours and looks great with everything. I’ll sometimes wear it to work with my shirt and tie or for a night out with a plain white tee and blue skinny jeans.

10 – Denim jacket – This is that something in your wardrobe that is versatile, and can be worn with almost anything. Whether that’s over a hoody or just a tee, it looks great either way!

11 – Light jacket – For my light jacket I’ve gone with a thin khaki colour parka. I’ve been wearing it on the wetter days through the summer, it’s a great alternative to a big coat.

12 – Coat – My absolute favourite coat is a navy wool coat, it’s long enough and thick enough to keep you warm and dry no matter what!


Bellow I’ll list all of my recommendations for each item with links for you to check out.

Plimsols (converse) –

Brogues (house of hounds) –

Jeans (Topman & Burton) &

Chino (Topman) –

T-shirt (Topman) – &

White shirt (Ralph Lauren) –

Check Shirt (Topman) –

Jumper (Asos/River Island) –

Shawl Cardi (Topman) –

Denim jacket (Topman) –

Light jacket (Asos/Ben Sherman) –

Coat (Topman) –

My next style blog will be on Autumn/Winter picks…I’ll be posting that over the coming week!

Why you need to watch True Detective

After a second season of True Detective has been confirmed I thought I should write something up and urge you to check out the first season!

This isn’t a review, just a big fat recommendation!


True Detective ticked so many boxes that nothing else has even came close to being on this level, I can’t even describe this show in words maybe a comparison but to me that won’t be doing it justice… The closest comparison I can make is a cross between Breaking Bad & Sons of Anarchy.

There’s so much depth to this show that brings out lots of different emotions, from anger to happiness but suddenly hits you with a massive slap of sadness (won’t say too much). Then there’s the actors, Woody Harrelson & Matthew McConaughey, both great actors prior to this but after it takes them to new levels, especially Rust (McConaughey’s character)

Some people say the finale lets the series down but it just left me wanting more! I found that it’s the type of show that you need to give a few episodes, and when it gets into its stride it’ll blow you away! There’s one episode in particular that took television to another place (the one with lots of guns, motorbikes & violence… You’ll know the one when you see it).

Wow just wow is all i will say and I insist you go watch it…now, and if you say to me after you didn’t enjoy it one bit, I will be amazed!

The perfect beard part 2

Following on from my first post about getting the perfect beard is the second part in my beard keeping series. This part is looking more in depth at the skin care and washing side of beard care!

Products I use

Lush Kalamazoo – Lush (beard and facial wash)
Clinique face scrub – Boots
seaweed clay mask – Body shop
Maca root face protection – Body shop

I use these products in the order I have listed them, start off by washing your beard and face with the Kalamazoo, then I follow that up by using the Clinique face scrub all whilst in the shower. I will then pat dry my face and apply the seaweed clay mask, leaving for 10 minutes and washing off with luke warm water, then I will apply Maca root face protection (before I go onto use my beard oil)

The lush Kalamazoo is a new product to me but I have added it into my routine already, it really is great! It leaves my beard smelling great and feeling soft, the product cuts through all the oils you may have left in your beard and removes dead skin. My beard has never looked and felt so great! It really is one of the best beard washes I’ve ever used. This will also be good for skin repair because it contains pineapple juice and orange oil, both known to have benefits such as anti inflammatory and skin repairing properties so not only does this leave you fresh and clean, it also makes your skin glow and look great!!


10 movies you must watch!

Here are some of my favourite movies, no doubt you’ll know the majority but seeing as we are coming into the colder months I thought I’d prompt you all to get watching!. There’s nothing better than settling down to watch a great movie in the winter months!


(In no particular order)

10 – Superbad

9 – The Lost Boys

8 – The Big Lebowski

7 – Terminator 2

6 – The Kings of Summer

5 – Super 8

4 – Her

3- Lords of Dogtown

2 – Point Break

1 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

As we go into October I’ll be doing a list of movies you should watch on the approach to Halloween.